The Project

Reconstruction of the school: Ecole de la Montagne Noire.

After the earthquake in Haiti on 12.1.2010 we have initiated a project to build up a new school. Apart from the reconstruction of roads, buildings and the entire apparatus of state the health and the education are the highest goods, which it is valid to promote.

All schools in Haiti are however in principle chargeable. Also the school uniform and the school material must be paid by parents. In addition there is no compulsory schooling in Haiti, which is why the simple farmers and poorest ones rather use their children for getting the water or other household and farm works, instead of sending them to school.

But only if the population is healthy, able to read and write and is educated, Haiti might have a better future on a long-term basis, which is carried by the own population.

The school supported by us contains kindergarten classes for 3-6 year old children, school classes for the first 6 grades and has state recognition, i.e. the pupils can move on to highschool after successful completion of their classes. In the past this happened already a couple of times, as some later engineers and physicians came out from the old school.

The existing old school was substantially damaged by the earthquake, so that continuous instruction was no longer possible in terms of safety reasons. For the construction of the new school a property in direct proximity to the old school was purchased with the support of the Association de Femmes internationales and the construction work started. The new school was ready to be moved in by october 2012 and instruction started. Some minor work, like the library and a proper play yard needs still to be finalised. And after that we want to invest in further training of the teachers.

Project Goal:

• 1 new School Building with 7 class rooms, plus 1 office for the teachers, director of the school
• Toilets,  one for boys, one for girls
• Furniture (desks, chairs, boards)
• Instruction for 110 pupils in 7 classes, Monday-Friday from 8am – 1.30pm
• Employment and further training for 8 teachers

=> Amount needed to finish construction work: app. € 21.500,-
=> Amount of cost to run the school per year: app. € 9.600,-

1. Phase: Construction Phase
2. Phase: Running the school and sponsorship of pupils

You will see, this is a promising project, meaning your donation will be spend directly in the school, the pupils and teachers !