About Us

We attach importance to a small, efficient project organization. Locally in Haiti we co-operate directly with the schools’ head master. All project partners work exclusively on a honorary basis. The project is supported by the Deutsch-Haitianische Gesellschaft society, which helps us with the processing of the donations.

Projektpartners in Haiti: Association de Femmes Internationales (Society of international women in Haiti), Proviseur du Centre Pédagogique de la Montagne Noire (Schools’ Headmaster).

Projektpartner in Germany:


Deutsch-Haitianische Gesellschaft e.V.
Böhmerstr. 4
60322 Frankfurt
Tel. +49 (0)69 – 592182


Three brothers and sisters born and brought up in Hamburg as children of a german surgeon and a haitian daughter of diplomates. The three travel regularly to Haiti to monitor the projects development.

Portrait_Isabelle vonboetticher_2 vonboetticher_dres
from the left: Isabelle von Boetticher | Organisations- und Managementberaterin, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Christina Lippmann | Dentist, Hamburg
Alexander von Boetticher | HNO Arzt in Lüneburg

Isabelle von Boetticher started an early international business career in different countries and continents. She also has experiences in development projects in South Africa. With over 15 years of management and leadership experiences in sales development, human resources and organisational development consultancy within european Enterprises, she now works as senior advisor for organisational development in the NGO sector in Haiti. She lives together with her son in Haiti.

Christina Lippmann is a dentist and worked already in several local charity projects for Haiti. Together with her husband and her two children she lives in Hamburg.

Alexander von Boetticher is otorhinolarygolocal surgeon in Lüneburg, where he also lives with his wife and his two children.