Your Donation

1. Phase: Building up the school
An amount of at least € 55,- or more can be donated (tax deductible in Germany) for the construction works and the maintenance of the school.

2. Phase: Sponsorship
As soon as the school is established, additionally a sponsorship for the annual school fees can be taken over for one or more children.

The actual school fees for one pupil per year sum up to € 55,- .

Please transfer the amount of your donation to the account of:  Deutsch-Haitianische Gesellschaft e.V.
Bank: Apotheker- und Ärztebank IBAN: DE26300606010002116618 BIC: DAAEDEDDXXX

Important: In your transfer please mention as purpose: “Ecole Montagne Noire”.

Please also put your mail and e-mail contact, so that we can send you the certificate of donation and the newsletter with the latest developments of the project.

Easy donation via Paypal: Alternatively you can use the donate button on this page to proceed an easy Paypal transfer. In this case you do not need to give more details about your e-mail and postal adress but will still get the newsletter and certificate of donation send to you.

Contact:, for any further information.